Face to face interviews, packed conference halls or rowdy round tables


Tap or hold and Interviewy marks the interesting bits

Auto Sync

iCloud stores recordings; access them anywhere


Skip between TypeTags to slash transcription times

Interviewy for iPhone

Fast recording

No fussing and no delay; Interviewy will have you recording in seconds, so you can stop worrying about setting up, and start asking interesting questions.


TypeTags let you mark the best bits of your interviews as they happen. No need to scribble notes, just tap or hold, and you can easily skip back there later.

iCloud backup

All of your recordings are automatically backed up for safe keeping, ready and waiting for you on any of your iOS devices. Never lose a recording again!

Skip to quotes

Zip between TypeTags at speed with handy shortcuts and countdown timers to the next killer quote. Never trawl through waffling interviews by hand again!

Optimised for voice

Interviewy records efficiently, saving space and backing up fast, and keeping sound quality high. Ideal for intimate one-on-one chats and echoey auditoriums alike.